Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Husband Project - Day 3

2 days down ladies! What are your husband's thinking? I've heard from so many of you who said this project came at just the right time. Doesn't it feel good to do things that make our husbands feel good? I'm glad you agree. Let's see what Kathi Lipp has come up with for day 3 of our blog project!

Oh, this is an easy one, especially if you are both active on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. Heck, if you have a blog, why not write a post about him and make sure to leave your screen open so he sees it.

My husband's love language is words of affirmation so this is a pretty important project for me. I wish I could tell you his love tank is always full because of the loving words I use to and about him. But that isn't the case. The Husband Project is as much for me as it is for any of you. 

I know not everyone likes their husband all of the time, but here are Kathi's suggestions for finding something nice to say about him.
Who are the important people in your husband’s life? Your kids, his parents, his friends? Be intentional about who you chat with when you brag on him – it’s almost as important as actually doing it. Having a hard time coming up with something? I still brag on my guy for things he did years ago. He loves when I tell the story of how brilliantly he proposed (there were waterfalls and stuffed portabella mushrooms involved…). Here are some other areas to think about when crafting your brag:
  • His parenting skills
  • His patience level
  • The way he treats your mom
  • His culinary ability
  • His job
  • His loyalty to you
I really like the advice about using something from year's ago. Of course, you can't do this EVERY time you say something nice about him, but it can remind you of earlier times and help you recapture some of that experience. Life can be draining and remembering the good times is a great way to get through the hard times.

Leave a comment and let me know how you bragged on your husband. And make sure to keep track of your giveaway entries via the Rafflecopter widget below! That's how I'll be choosing a winner of all the great prizes!

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  1. I just posted a comment on facebook about my husband. I am hoping to write a blog about him this weekend.

  2. My husband only has a GED and he worked hard in the textile mill he was at to work his way up. By 21, he had moved so high there was only 2 places to go - supervisor, or school to be a different type of tech. He ended up laid off when they closed down his area.

    He's worked hard since then. He earned his blackbelt, certification to teach martial arts, and is planning to get ISSA certification as a personal trainer.

    He also just got hired at the local Ethicon. It's a plant run by Johnson & Johnson. He was hired to work in the absorbable suture departmart. He expected to be in charge of running the machines to make them, and while they are training him for that his main job will be quality control and they're planning to cross train him and eventually make him supervisor.

    Not bad for a 22 year old with a GED!

    So today when I talked to my mom on the phone, I made sure he heard me bragging about him - that we now will be able to have insurance, that we'll be in a much better situation, be able to move to a better place. How hard he's worked and is working. How proud I was of him.

    Then she wanted to talk to him, to tell him how proud she was. And so did my grandparents. My family's opinion means a great deal to him, as he feels it's more of a family than he ever had before. He's on cloud nine and is so freaking happy.

  3. This is an easy one, I love bragging about my hubby! I brag to his parents, my parents, my friends, and his clients. I try to always praise his parenting skills, his work ethic, and how he has cared for me through my health issues all these years (I have Addison's disease and other autoimmune issues). I always feel so blessed he chose me to be his wife!

  4. I also bragged on Facebook today :)

  5. Bragging on Facebook about how he got the position as a Film Judge for the Eerie Horror Fest. Out of many, many judges applications, my hubby was picked!

  6. Another hard one for me....not much to brag about...and I'm not being mean but I do regularly brag on him..even in front of him and online...but if I had to pick his best quality it is that he is a jack of all trades but a professional in he is really useful around the house...and I guess his biggest attraction is his potential to be awesome at so many different things...he is full of unused I am excited to see what he uses it all for in the he has a smoking body so that's a plus too.


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