Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Lots Of Winners Tonight

I had fun with the random number generator tonight and here are the winners from all of my closed giveaways:

The Sewing Loft - #90 by Jeannine

Peppers and Pollywogs - #16 by Naomie

hoops&yoyo - #36 by Brandy

Chocomize - #69 by Angie

NYC Subway Line - #57 by Julie

Cake Crystals - #78 by Melisa Bass, #68 by Heather, #37 by Sophia, #44 by Lona728, #71 by
Supreme Vision

Sassy Signs - #37 by SJT42075

DaSweetZPot - #7 by Shairbearg

Congratulations! I'll be emailing all of you shortly to get your contact information!


  1. Wow! congrats with these people! When is your next giveaway then?

  2. Oh! so excited to have won the chocomize giveaway! Can't wait to start concocting my candy bars (err and the kids candy bars lol)

  3. Oh wow! I'm so excited! I never win anything!!
    Melisa bass
    1313 Jeth Ct
    Peoria IL, 61614

  4. I came over from This for That...subscribed in a reader!! It would be awesome if you could follow me back here !! THANKS!!

  5. Oh wow! I'm so excited as well! I never win anything!!

  6. That's crazy that our daughter's were born on the same day! Is yours a little bit crazy like mine? :) I guess it's a convenient time for traveling grandparents, though it's a hard weekend to throw a party since everyone in CO goes camping. Maybe that means we'll always have small parties, which will be less work for me!


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