Thursday, February 11, 2010

How We Make Time For Our Marriage

I was talking to my mom this week about coming down to babysit the girls for us. She mentioned that Bruce and I probably don't get much alone time together these days and that she was happy to spend time with Charlotte and Mary while we went out.

And while in some ways she is right, Bruce and I have managed to go on more "date nights" since Mary was born 5 months ago than I think we did in the entire 12 months prior. Part of that was because, before Mary was born, we had found ways to have dates at home, after Charlotte went to bed.

We made time during naps to sit and eat a quiet lunch together. Sometimes a shared sandwich and bag of chips is better for talking than the much-hyped candlelight steak dinner.

We rented movies that one or both of us wanted to see. And we kept it cheap by returning those Redbox DVDs before 9 pm the next day!

No matter how you and your spouse find ways to spend time together, I know we can all agree on how important it is. Now that we always have Mary downstairs with us in the evenings, seeking attention or food, we have to work harder to steal moments alone.

I received an email recently about a new Facebook group that has information about maintaining a healthy relationship and even has a contest to find "America's Top Couple."

I am not sure how they are defining "Top Couple," but I think we might have a shot at it so long as it is okay to have disagreements about parenting, finances, and who is the better driver. :)

What do you think makes someone a "Top Couple?"

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  1. This is exactly how Greg and I sneak away....glad to know someone else this also;)


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