Saturday, February 13, 2010

How We Celebrated Valentine's Day 2010

No, it wasn't texting status updates to Facebook. At least not for me.

But it did involve standing around and watching some random Kiwanis member make us 6 pancakes the size of our plate.

And then topping those pancakes with some huge sausages.

But it did involved us sitting together while we ate those pancakes and sausages, talking about whatever came to mind. Without having to remind a toddler to use her fork.

Then, we celebrated by spending a little time at a local shooting range. First Bruce.

Then, Jennifer. I find it disarms the target a little bit to see so much hostility from a girl with a flower in her hair.

Especially when she is this good. :)

Happy Valentine's Day Bruce!


  1. I love that you spent Valentine's Day at the shooting range. Heh.


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