Saturday, December 05, 2009

Mary is 3 Months Old Today

So much has happened in the last three months, yet it feels like just last week I was bringing home Mary from the birthing center. The biggest thing that has happened though is that I finally am in love with Mary.

I know that sounds weird to say, but it just took me longer this time to get that feeling of not wanting to put her down or be away from her. That feeling of just wanting to soak her all in until I can't stand it anymore.

I wish I had more pictures of her to share, but I haven't been finding much time to get the camera out these days. So Mary, if you are reading this someday, please don't be mad at your sister for having hundreds of pictures in her first three months, first the less than 100 I have of you. Okay? I promise I love you just as much, but my time is a bit more divided these days.

Now, a brief update on how therapy has been going... Mary has been taking her bottles for the last couple of weeks without any cheek or jaw support. So, Nikki (her ST) and I decided it was time to move her from the low flow nipple with 1 hole to a slow flow nipple with 2 holes.

After the first few gulps, she started choking and coughing again and I suddenly realized how far we had come. She used to do that with every bottle. Nikki began pacing her a little to see how Mary would respond. First Nikki stopped every 3 swallows, then every 4, then every 5. After Mary finished 2 of her 3 ounces, she was pacing herself and finished the last ounce with no problem. She was a fast learner. At home, I've had to do the same thing, pacing for the first 2 ounces and by then, Mary can regulate the last ounce herself.

As for her strength, there are some minor improvements. I saw an adorable picture of 6-week old Cousin Rebekah last week doing a cute mini push-up and that too reminded me that Mary does have some work to do still to catch up. Mary now hates tummy time so it is getting harder for me to find the internal motivation and strength to deal with 10-15 minute melt downs almost every time we try it.

Pictures -
Top Left: Mary napping because seems to be the only time I have my camera out at home!
Middle Right - At the Lakeland Parade
Bottom Left - With second cousin the day after Thanksgiving

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  1. Oh what a sweet post for your Mary. She is so precious. I understand what you meant completely.


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