Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Wishes

We've been busy at the FamilyMusings household getting ready for Christmas. This is the first year that Charlotte starts to get what Christmas is all about so I haven't had much time for blogging.

Before I sign off until next year, I'd thought I'd just share a few tidbits with you...

First, some excellent posts that help explain the way our family deals with the Santa vs. Jesus issue.
Second, remember when I blogged about taking a stay-cation. Well, fate smiled on me and in a completely unrelated event, I won 2-free nights at a local Holiday Inn by entering a Facebook contest. My parents will use 1 night tomorrow. Here is my winning comment:
My daughters, Charlotte (2) and Mary (3 months), are the light of their grandparent's eyes. When Charlotte sees her G-ma and Grumpy, no matter where we are, she runs right over to them with a cheer in her voice and gives them the biggest leg hugs ever! They don't even have time to scoop her up. She is that fast.

Now that Charlotte is old enough to understand Christmas, my dad would give anything to be there on Christmas morning to see how her eyes sparkle by the light of the 3' Christmas tree that is the perfect size for our small home. But that small home means he is going to have to wake up before 3 am to make it here in time to see his granddaughters on Christmas morning. He is self-employed and money has been tight this year.

If I were to win, G-ma and Grumpy would be able to stay overnight in Lakeland with us and his old bones would be well rested when the 5:30 am Christmas morning starts. They'd also be able to join us for Christmas Eve services the night before, something that would be especially meaningful to my mother.
Third,  um, what was the third thing? Oh, I don't remember... the last few weeks have been a blur! But we have been decorating and doing lots of crafty stuff, even if I haven't used my camera much. I wanted to do a post sharing all of my nativities with you, but I guess at this point it will have to wait until next year. Maybe by then my collection will be even bigger.

Fourth, I have a really neat blog series planned for next year that all the parents around here are going to want to join in on... it is all about journaling the legacy of our lives so our children and grandchildren will know us better one day.

And fifth, I hope all of you have a very merry Christmas! We'll be baking a cake tomorrow to celebrate Jesus' birthday and will be sure to save you a slice! C'mon over!


  1. Congrats on winning the hotel stay for your parents! I hope your family had a very, merry Christmas.


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