Monday, December 07, 2009

"Excuse Me Mommy"

Tonight in the car, Bruce and I were having a conversation about the church service we had just left when from the back seat, I heard Charlotte say, "excuse me Mommy."

After I finished my sentence with Bruce, I looked back and acknowledged Charlotte and told her I would be with her in a moment, once Daddy and I finished our train of thought.

She seemed okay with that, but not for very long (about 10 seconds, after all she is still 2 years old!,). She soon said "excuse me Mommy" again.

Once I was done with my sentence, I looked back again and asked her what she needed.

"I need you to stop talking to Daddy," she replied.

"Why do you need me to stop talking to Daddy?"

"So you can talk to Charlotte Moon!"


  1. precious. I love the post below about Christmas traditions also....great ideas.

  2. I get the "I need you to be quiet right now" from Esme a lot when I'm trying to talk to my husband and she wants to be the center of attention! I think they copy us far too well - at least you must be very polite and so she is as well?... :)


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