Thursday, August 16, 2007

Picture Fix

What is a new mom at home with her baby supposed to do with a digital camera and basic photo software? Go crazy taking pictures of her precious baby of course! I can concentrate on little else besides her even though there are tons of other things I could be doing. So, I thought I'd share the photos with you who are waiting so patiently for more Charlotte Moon news!

Here are the happy grandparents a few hours after Charlotte was born. Grumpy (grandpa) wasn't able to hold her because he had to get back on the road, but he'll be here this weekend! I've heard he might be excited.
Excited srandparents peeking into the nursery

This is Bruce's first time holding Charlotte. He was nervous, but you can't tell from this picture.
Bruce holding Charlotte

Here the Sabin family goes from 2 to 3 people.
2 Become 3

Charlotte is a baby after her mother's heart. She came out of the womb asking for a manicure!
Charlotte's First Manicure

After nearly 48 hours, they let Mommy and Charlotte go home. She was very quiet for her first car ride.
Going home!

Uncle Nick and Aunt Michelle came down to visit the next day. I never knew my brother had a soft spot for babies!
Uncle Nick

Due to her jaundice, Charlotte had to sleep on a Bili-Blanket for the first few nights. She reminded us of her glowworm! She came back Coombs negative so she won't need any transfusions, just light therapy (which she is off of as today).
Our own little glowworm

It looks like I have a gangsta baby. Notice the hand signal she is flashing.
You wanna piece of this?

During her first bath at home I learned an important lesson - make sure they are done going to the bathroom before you take the diaper off! I thought you only had to worry about this with little boys. Notice the stain on the front of my shirt and the smile on my face. I'm definitely keeping my sense of humor!
I get messy at bath time!

This is Charlotte's blue sundress. You can't see it here, but the headband Grandma put on her says "Adorable." While she is adorable, I can't figure out why she needs a headband. We aren't going to Jazzercise!
Don't you like my blue dress?

My mom had a lot of fun taking pictures of me this afternoon. Here I am trying to rest peacefully and she is snapping and flashing away!
Naps are fun!
My hands are so tiny.
Aren't my hands tiny?
And my feet too!
Isn't my foot cute?

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  1. She is just beautiful!!! I love all of your pictures!!


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