Saturday, August 04, 2007

Good Day

Today was a good day. My parents came down for a visit along with my brother and his wife. The visit was in honor of Bruce's birthday, which is next Saturday. Since my dad is an over the road truck driver we celebrated today while he could be with us. I made a special lunch for Bruce of his favorite Chicken-Spinach Lasagna with Snickerdoodles for dessert. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, which made me happy since I spent most of the morning in the kitchen preparing it. Bruce was also able to open presents and I am proud to report that all but one of them had nothing to do with Baby Sabin.

You see, with Bruce's birthday being so close to the anticipated birth of Baby Sabin, he is worried about his birthday being co-opted by Baby Sabin. I've told him I will do my best to make sure that doesn't happen, though we might have to ask them to share a cake in the future because I don't think I could handle having 2 cakes to eat in the house around the same time.

After lunch, the ladies sorted through some items I received at various showers that I decided I didn't need, mostly some of the 30 receiving blankets and some photo albums. After deciding which store everything came from, we went to Wal-Mart to make some exchanges. While I am the first to tell you that I hate going to Wal-Mart, I am very thankful for their generous return policy. So much better than Target's policy. It turned out that not everything I guessed as Wal-Mart was really from there, but we just put that back in the car and returned the things that were in Wal-Mart's system. I ended up with nearly $100 to spend today. And it didn't take me long. :-) I bought a bath-tub for Baby Sabin, along with some breastfeeding accessories, a laundry hamper, and bedding for a new twin bed we are getting to accommodate my mom's scheduled visit. I think that is about it. I still have 2 more stores to hit, so let's hope things go as well there too.

When we got back, my brother had finished setting up the wireless router my parents gave Bruce to go along with the new laptop they also gave him. This works out great for me too since I was hard-wired to the traditional router we had been using. Now, Bruce and I can chat on IM while we sit next to each other in the living room. No... we wouldn't really do that, except on Wednesday nights when our whole family gets on IM.

Finally, we ended our family day by going to see the Bourne Ultimatum. It was a great movie, though the cinematography was a bit too modern (i.e. shaky) for my tastes. Is this a sign that I am getting old too??? Bruce will be 30 in a week and I am not far behind him...

Erica brought up a good point in her most recent comment... Bruce has been fully trained on how to make a blog post! I have also created a draft e-mail for him to use to send out an electronic announcement once Baby Sabin arrives and I decide to let him leave my side at the hospital. If I have your e-mail address, then you are already included in the draft e-mail. If I don't, and you want an e-mail, just let me know what your e-mail address is.

Apart from being very busy in the nursery yesterday and getting lunch ready for today, I have taken time to just relax. Once I got my To Do list down on paper and started tackling the items one at a time, my brain eased up a little. Apart from needed to finish packing a few items in my hospital bag, I think I am ready (or as ready as one can be for this type of new experience). My house is clean, the nursery is in order, diapers are sorted with the smallest sizes most accessible, clothes are folded and put into the dresser, and things I won't be needing for several months are organized and packed away neatly for quick access. I'll take some photos tomorrow to share with all you devoted readers out there. For now, it is late and I need to go to bed. G'night!

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