Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I'm Beat

Baby Sabin isn't even officially here and I am beat. Now, today was a busy and active day for me, but I'm exhausted and hope a good night's rest will take care of me a little bit. Tomorrow I will try to be a little easier on myself though. We started off the day bright and early to do some work in the yard. It was a great day for yard work as it stayed fairly cool until 10:00 or so.

Have you ever tried to do yard work with a bowling bowl hanging off your stomach??? That is the best way I can describe what it was like to pull weeds and shape some plants today. I couldn't just bend over, so most of my morning consisted of plopping down, pulling all the weeds within arms reach, then scooting or crab crawling to the next patch of earth and pulling more weeds. I was terribly slow, but got the most important areas done. Bruce did a ton as well, pulling up many of the dead annuals we planted 18 months ago along with laying some new landscaping timbers and cleaning up his fish pond. He stayed out a little bit longer than I did and looked tired too.

After taking a much needed, cold shower I worked on my grocery list and coupons. Eventually, I left to run my errands and go grocery shopping. It began raining really hard while I was out and subsequently, I got soaked each time I went into or came out of any place. Should have skipped the shower at home. :-) Publix was nice though because the bagger brought my groceries out to the car and loaded them up for me. Now, I am just waiting for my baby daddy to get home and unload the non-perishables from the car for me. I'll put them away tomorrow.

My friend Julie had her baby today. Jordan Ann was born around 10 am, weighing 7 lb. 8 oz. at Shand's in Gainesville, FL. They will decide in the next day or so when to perform the hernia surgery on Jordan. By all accounts Julie is doing well. I hope to get an update with more details tomorrow.

Everyone keeps assuming that I am so ready to be done with my pregnancy. But I have to be very honest that I am not. Assuming it would be healthy for the baby, I could stay pregnant for another month and I would be fine. My discomfort is fairly minimal and my enthusiasm and energy level are remaining pretty consistent (today notwithstanding). I love being pregnant and hope to do it many more times! I love having a miracle in my belly and being the Keeper Of The Belly Monster (my new nickname around the house).


  1. Welcome to my world, kid!

  2. Boy... everytime I see you have a new blog up, I think - ohh maybe baby! It has been fun to follow along with you as your date draws closer and closer. Do take it easy... the last few weeks are a chance for you to be lazy and not do much - once baby arrives it changes! Your next pregnancy won't afford you the luxury of doing nothing! :)
    How is everyone going to be notified when the baby arrives? Has Bruce been instructed on how to post a blog to let us all know??


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