Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Visit to the Park

I've been trying to motivate myself to do more fun things specifically for Mary each day after we drop Charlotte off at school. So today, we went to the park at 7:40 AM. I wasn't even sure it would be open that early, but thankfully it was!

Despite the sand pit being closed, Mary still had a good time. I tried to discourage her from taking the sand toys out of the bag, but she insisted and said, "dat's otay. me can petend!" This is her using her sand toys to make us some breakfast. In this case, it might have turned out better that the sand pit was closed.

Later she called out to me, "de eggs are almo done honey!" For some reason she calls me her honey, which I don't mind at all. I have all sorts of nick names for her too. My favorite though is May-May, which comes from how she normally says her own name. Recently though, she's been trying to say it more like Mare-a, which sounds much more like her actual name.

Because the ground was wet, Mary got a little creative and made what she called a "foot parade." It was so exciting to me to see how excited she got each time she made a new set of footprints. I wish I had thought to get a close up of some of the foot prints... her toes are still so little and they made the cutest dots above the rest of her foot.

She also consented to some video footage... though it took a little more convincing. These are mostly here for the enjoyment of my family, but hey, the rest of you can feel free to watch too.

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