Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Mission Nagarote: Monday Recap

Monday included two visits to a local school called Dream of Louisa. While public education is free in Nicaragua, uniforms, books, and supplies are not, so many children are shut out from educational opportunities. This school exists to fill that gap. 

For some reason, my photos from our morning visit uploaded in a random order... This first one is Mary modeling for the camera in the older student's classroom.

Charlotte finally had a chance to ride in the back of a truck. And to take a picture of mommy taking a picture of her. :)

Our family is grateful for Stepanie and the other teenage girls on our team. They are willing to help out and keep the girls occupied when we need a rest or have something else to do.

Here, Charlotte is encouraging the students to dance during the Chicken Dance song.

And here she is working on the fishing game. During the morning session she quickly bored of her job, but towards the end of the afternoon session, she was practically running the whole thing herself.

Mary has been typically shy this week, taking a while to warm up to each new situation. Here, she was meeting a family that lives next to the school.

Do you have any questions about Nicaragua? Our trip? Our team? If so, leave them in a comment and we'll try to answer them soon.


  1. What led you to choose Nicaragua?

    1. My experience with the study "Experiencing God" taught me to look around, see where God was working, and go there. There are few opportunities to take small children on international mission trips and since it is important for us to raise our children knowing the importance of a Christian worldview, we saw that the organizational structure made it possible to bring them with us. So, here we are.

      I know that taking small children to impoverished countries isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I never want my girls to confuse being an American with being a Christian. And I always want them to have a proper perspective on the privilege they have to live in an affluent place. It helps keep me in check too of course.

      Actually, I have a lot more to say about this, and hopefully, when we get back and I am done being the team blogger (over at http://missionnagarote.blogspot.com), I can come back here and share my ideas about this more fully.


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