Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I Need Your Advice

Next week, we'll try once again to enjoy a family camping trip. Try being the operative word!

You see, our first family camping trip, way back when we only had 1 kid, was not quite as idyllic as we had hoped. Then, about a year later, Bruce decided to take Charlotte on a father-daughter trip. That camping adventure ended when they came back home at 9 pm so she could sleep in her own bed.

So, this is where you dear reader and friend come in!

What is your best tip for camping with a preschooler and toddler? Advice on getting them to sleep in a new, noisier place? Easy recipe that can be made ahead of time but is still real food?


  1. While I have never been camping with the kids I do know that you can plan dinners that you cook in the fire. At church camp one year we did "banana boats" we took a banana left the peel on put a slice through the peel and the banana then we added mini chocolate chips and marshmallows. We wrapped the banana in foil and cooked it on the hot coals. It was then eaten with a spoon. We also did dinners in foil (we put our meat, veggies) in foil and let them cook together. You just have to dice or chop things so it cooks evenly. Also my husband was a boy scout so you can take an iron skillet or dutch oven and make things in the fire all day too. Things from cobbler to meals.

  2. Dave and Andy (5yrs) just went camping 2 weeks ago. They ate hotdogs and smores on the fire and loved it. They tried eating hanburgers but were having fire trouble. The guys at the campstation next door brought Dave a wax lighter set to start his fire and it seemed to help. When we went camping (before kids) we sent up the tent in the house a few nights before and practiced. We also used an air matress to be more comfy. Hope this helps...


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