Tuesday, June 12, 2012

God's Mysterious Ways

Ten days ago I thought I was stepping out on a limb when I shared my thoughts about mothering and God's sovereignty. After some Christians gave me odd looks when I explained it to them, I really posted it not knowing if I was right. I mean, I thought I was right, but when someone I respected was among the head tilters, I did have my doubts.

Shortly after writing and posting my thoughts, my doubts were quickly assuaged by your comments, both here, on Facebook, and in private communication. I truly have some of the most encouraging friends a woman could ask for.

Then today, upon waking from a lovely, summer nap, my friend Angela asked if I had seen the most recent Desiring God blog post. I hadn't so I clicked right over...

And wouldn't you know it? John Knight had written about the very same topic, affirming what I had written less than 2 weeks ago. Sure, he did it better, but it was so incredibly affirming to read the words of such a great Christian leader echoing my own thoughts as this pregnancy progresses.
"And it should fuel our hope that when God creates a child who will live, and maybe die because of his disabilities, God will help us love that child and welcome that child and let that child express his gifts, for God’s glory and for our good."
Now, I can only hope and pray that, if I'm called to parent a child with illness or disabilities, or walk with a friend who is, that I can have a complete hope in God to be there in the midst of it, that the world may see it is God, not health, that I treasure most.

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