Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Bruce here, hijacking Jennifer's blog again. Today is Mother's Day. And I thought I share a little bit about my appreciation for Jennifer.

Jennifer and I met in 10th grade history class. And, within one week of meeting Jennifer, I told her that we were going to get married, one day. This is an undisputed fact. But, Jennifer still has trouble believing I really meant it. Of course, she also shook her head "no" when I asked her to marry me 5 years later; she couldn't believe I was serious that time, either. But, I was.

So, why would a 15-year old punk be picking out his future wife? It sure does sound pretty absurd. But, even back then, I knew what kind of woman I wanted to be the wife and mother of my future family. Yes, I was a strange kid.

Years later, when I actually asked her to marry me, I had already planned out our financial future so that I knew we'd be able to make it. I was only 19, at that time, but I knew people, including Jennifer, would wonder about the logic of two college students getting married. So, whenever someone tried to say we wouldn't have any money to pay the bills, I could just reference my long term budget.

I've always thought years ahead.

I knew what I wanted.

I had goals.

And that nice girl in my history class was just what I was looking for.

So, here I am, 19 years after first meeting Jennifer, and I know I made a good choice. See, Jennifer is a great mother. Anyone who knows Charlotte Moon and Mary Mitchell knows what awesome kids they are. (Yes, I'm bragging, but it's true.) And, while I can take partial credit for some of their awesomeness, I have to be honest and admit that most of it comes from Jennifer. She really loves them and teaches them.

From the beginning of each daughter's life, Jennifer has worked to help them understand the world. And, she has helped each girl be a positive influence in the world. And Jennifer has even become a Titus 2 woman, as she ministers to, and advocates for, other moms.

I could go on and on...but suffice it to say that I made a good choice all those years ago. I did some dumb things as a kid, but choosing that sweet girl in history class was one the best decisions I'll ever make.

Happy Mother's Day, Mrs. Jennifer Sabin.


  1. this is SO SO SO Sweet....
    A perfect tribute and celebration of Mother's Day...

  2. Wow! Jennifer is so special. It's amazing that you knew at such an early age what you wanted in a wife and mother.

  3. It's very fantastic, She is so great

  4. I am so impressed you would be so romantic to your wife! Go Bruce & Jennifer and may your love for one another keep growing leaps and bounds every year! Marriage is a awesome gift from God! I praise Him for it.


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