Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fun Playdate at Indian Summer Farms

I love finding new places to do cool things in my chosen town. And as active as I am in my community and as much as my husband likes to tell people I'm the "stay at home mom who never stays at home," I still find new places to explore with my kids and friends all the time.

My most recent discovery is a produce stand called Indian Summer Farms. Obviously though, it is more than just a produce stand. I organized a play date there for my MOPS group and for $5 per kid, we had a great time! Here's a peek at what it included:

Feeding the animals in the petting area. Mary had NO fear and walked right up to the goats with her bread. She might have even been a little too bold at moments for this momma!

Hanging out in a unusual play area that included a wider variety of toys in an outside area than I ever expected.

There are also two swinging tires that the oldest kids really enjoyed. Gave one of the moms a pretty good work out trying to get the swings higher and faster!

A few rides on this water barrel train. It carried the kids between the different areas of the farm that we visited. And then at the very end, they got to take one long train ride all the way around the property.

In the middle of all this fun, we did get to pick strawberries. Each girl picked about a bucket's worth and it was included in our cost. I was having so much fun out in the field chasing Mary (not!) that I didn't get to take pictures, but the berries were delicious, both straight off the vine and later that day when we ate them at home.

The playdate ended with some home made ice cream! This might have been the best part for the kids.

Oh, and that strawberry onion next to her ice cream, she picked that. We had never been able to do that before so it was kind of cool to see the onion coming out of the ground.

Some more pics from our fun day at Indian Summer Farms:




Mary is definitely the camera hog these days. She loves posing and smiling for the camera, whereas Charlotte runs the other way when I even suggest I might like a picture of her!

 And quite possibly my favorite picture from the entire morning... Mary reacting to the news that it was time to go home:
Indian Summer Farms

Have you found a new favorite play date spot? When was the last time you visited some place new with your kids?

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  1. Absolutely loved the picture of you and Mary! I guess you made those lovely outlets! Looks so fun, Michelle Taylor


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