Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's Baseball Season Again!

We love going to Flying Tigers games here in Lakeland. They are our very own minor league team and our family always has a good time when we go. Recently, we invited my father-in-law to join us and we think he enjoyed it as much as we do. I have been playing around in Photoshop elements recently, and here are some of the pictures he took, with some help from PSE.

One thing I like to do is make sure Charlotte has plenty to keep her occupied. While she loves the game, it does move kind of slow for a 2 year old. I found these neat sports drinks at Walmart that are round and come with a baseball shrink wrap. They are only 15 calories and she gets to have a special "baseball drink," each time we go. You can kind of see her holding one in this picture.

A happy family picture. Each Friday night at the home games, our team gives something away. Two weeks ago it was the green Flying Tigers shirt Bruce is wearing. On the evening of this game, we all got a pink Flying Tigers shirt to support breast cancer awareness. Notice though, Charlotte is wearing her baseball shirt that we had made for her on our trip to Nicaragua last year. 

Charlotte loves to give Mary love. Sometimes she is very earnest in her squeezing.

Recently Mary likes to be serious for the camera. I can't seem to get a smile out of her no matter how hard I try.

Do you have a minor league baseball team in your town? Ever been to a game? I highly recommend it. They are cheap and a ton of fun! And, it won't bother anyone if your kid wants to run around! Chances are, there are plenty of empty seats.


  1. Jennifer,Do you always get seats or have you ever sat on the "grass seats" so the kids can run around? Have you ever stayed long enough for the fireworks? We have not taken our boys to a game yet, but want to soon.

  2. We always get seats. Charlotte is free anyway. And really, we site wherever we want since people don't really pay attention to their seat assignment. Most of the time we leave by the 5th inning because Charlotte's attention span can't handle much more. :) Plus, we can see the fireworks from our living room.


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